Financial Planning Made Simple, Conversational, and Fast.

Conversational AI technology to help you get to the heart of the matter, allowing you to quickly engage consumers in collaborative 
and engaging conversations.

What Will You Ask?

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Our conversational AI addresses specific questions and provide intelligent answers fast.

Consumers often have specific questions driven by their fears, dreams, and life circumstances. PlanIQ was built to help you quickly engage consumers in collaborative and engaging conversations.

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Where planning meets investments.

PlanIQ is designed for you to capture the information you need across a variety of critical lifecycle events, and then act on that information through our easy-to-use platform. PlanIQ is designed to make your investments work with your plan – and adjusts both based on needs and suitability.

Sample Question: “At what age can 
I retire?”

Deciding at what age to retire can be a daunting question with significant implications. PlanIQ helps advisors guide this decision for a broad variety of clients. 

Sample Question: “When do we start saving for college?”

Is it time to start saving for college? Help clients determine how much they’ll need to save for their child’s education, whether they’re on track to save enough, and how much they’ll need to reach their goal.

It’s time for a plan.